Understanding Your Internet Connection

How To Choose A Business Phone System

Investing in a reliable business phone system is important for any business. It represents a critical channel to communicate with staff members, customers, and potential customers. Start by understanding the different available options, and go from there to find the best fit for your company.


This phone system uses phone lines and enables communication through a traditional phone system. Compared to other options such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), PBX comes with few features and can be expensive.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

This is a reliable phone system ideal for any business. Compared to traditional landlines, VoIP is much cheaper and comes with extra features, making its maintenance easy. Many businesses prefer VoIP phone system to other options.

This phone system integrates well with computers and many office programs, making it a great option for calls, especially when you have great internet providers. With VoIP, you can either choose to have your communication server on site or have it hosted by a provider.

Virtual Voice over Internet Protocol

This system supports communication through an app or through your browser. There is no hardware needed, apart from your smartphone or computer. The service provider maintains and hosts the servers that handle your inbound and outbound calls.

To use this phone system, you'll need a strong internet connection. The most common communication system that uses Virtual Voice over Internet Protocol is Skype.

Next, we want to look at top tips to help you choose a business phone system ideal for your business. Ask yourself the following questions. Are you getting started in setting up a business phone system? Are you planning to upgrade your business phone system to a setup that suits your business? 

Go for a business phone system that can support and steer your business towards its goals. If you opt for traditional PBX or landline, you have to be ready to invest in the right infrastructure to support this system.

On the other hand, VoIP is easy to install, but then you'll need to license it and be ready to invest in the right equipment for a strong internet connection. Speak with a business phone installation expert for advice on which protocol would work best for your company.

In short, there are a variety of phone options to choose from. Make sure that you have an excellent internet provider, as your success in choosing a business phone will often depend on your connection. 

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Understanding Your Internet Connection

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