Understanding Your Internet Connection

3 Reasons Businesses Should Consider Colocation Services

Colocation services are an invaluable resource for large business that handle vast amounts of data and require multiple servers to manage their data. There are many advantages to colocation that can benefit businesses of various sizes, especially if your business is primarily online. Lower Operating Costs Depending on the size of your business and available funding, keeping in-house information technology (IT) professionals may not be practical. You may need to compromise between the additional costs of keeping a staff of IT professionals readily available for server problems that are not guaranteed to happen, or limit IT staff which can prolong repair time if a problem occurs. Read More 

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Understanding Your Internet Connection

When I started working full time from home, my internet connection became more important than ever. Unfortunately, since I didn't know how to service my system, it led to loads of frustration. Every time I turned around, I was wondering why my connection failed and what I could do about it. It was really annoying, which is why I decided to learn more about the internet in general. This blog is all about internet connections, routers, service providers, and bandwidth, so that you don't have to guess anymore when it comes to your internet. I know that this information helped me, and I know it can help you too.